May 4, 2012

Who Reads Joburg Expat?

Most bloggers I know are obsessed about their statistics. Some secretly and some not so secretly. Everyone wants to get page views and followers and likes. I admit I am totally beholden to my stat page too. Which is why I was very surprised today when I realized I've never actually bothered to understand exactly what it is I can find on my stat page.

Like, what browser people are using who read my blog. I mean, who cares? 

Well, I cared, once I used Internet Explorer by accident yesterday. It popped up when I clicked a link, instead of my usual Google Chrome. And then it sat there. And it sat. And sat. And on a hunch, I went to my blog. And it looked horrible, header all too wide and images not showing. And it was super slooooow.

People, if you are on Internet Explorer and not reading my blog, I don't blame you one bit. According to my stat page, there are 26% of you who actually slugged it out last week. Thankfully down from 34% lifetime. Why, may I ask, are you doing this to yourself? Get Google Chrome. Click on the link. Do it now. It's free. It takes about 30 seconds to install. I'll wait...

Don't you think that's better? I know I know, some of you just hate Google and think they're taking over your life. Then get Safari or Firefox. Just something that works. You know there was a time when we all thought Microsoft was taking over our lives. And nowadays it's probably Amazon rather than Google. My point is, if someone is taking over your life, let it be someone who does it well at least.

There is tons of other cool info on my stats page. For instance, South Africans have now surpassed Americans among my readership. Or I should say people in South Africa based on their IP address. Either way, I think that is pretty cool, given how often I bash South Africa. At least the portion of South Africa that is related to Telkom and Eskom and the traffic police.

The top five countries (spanning the two years of Joburg Expat's existence) are South Africa, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, in that order. I really should write more blog posts in German. But what actually intrigues me more are the outliers on that list. Like, this week I had 54 page views from Ukraine. And 194 from Bulgaria last month. Really? Who are these people and how are they finding me? Or probably it's just one person in that country planning a move to South Africa wondering by now if daily arrests by traffic cops have to be expected. I've also had visitors from places like Moldova and Mauritania which always intrigues me (I was worried the one time I wrote about the postal service scam involving our bank account and a badly-written letter asking for funds transfer, when my readership in Nigeria showed an unusual spike that very week) but I can't tell for sure now because somehow I lost my Google Analytics data when switching over domains.

What I CAN tell is that 57 reassuring percent of you are still using Windows (however dropping fast), making me think I can hold off caving in and getting that Macbook for a while longer. And that there are tons of people out there desperate for tips on buying a car in South Africa, making me think I should enter the business of selling cars. Or at least selling advertising to car dealerships. And that many people want to learn more about weaver birds, and some others wonder does africa have a postal service.

And that someone hunting for an African Diamond License thinks my blog is the answer.

Oh, and by the way, I surpassed the 100 Thousand page view mark some time back, but I missed the moment. Why, you ask? Because my internet was down. It's just as well, because I probably would have bragged about it shamelessly and inappropriately like this.

Anyway, my point is, get Google Chrome folks!


cat said...

My best entertainment is too see what phrases were googled finding my blog. Some are a bit scary though

Suzie from PalazzoPizzo said...

I agree, statistics can be very entertaining!

I will check out Google Chrome. I am still on IE and not sure if this is the reason Blogger cracks down that often or is it my good old HP PC?

Good to see, you fixed your header ;-)

Sine said...

@cat: yep, definitely scary. I'll have to start collecting them.

@suzie: yes, I was horrified about the header. See, Google Chrome automatically fixed that for me so I never bothered to make it the right width. What I can't seem to fix is why the images aren't shown as thumbnails on the home page, just as flat strips, waiting to hear a reply from the guy I got the code from...

And yes, def try Chrome. Although I agree HP is definitely a possibility too. But it can't hurt, Chrome will definitely be faster, so even if it crashes every once in a while, at least you will get more done before it crashes!

2Summers said...

I agree with you -- why would anyone use IE when they can use Chrome? I downloaded it by accident once while downloading Google Earth. From that point on, I've never used anything else.

I noticed a few weeks ago that I had a huge spike in readership from Bangladesh. Turns out it was just as you suggested -- one guy from Bangladesh considering a move to Joburg.

Sine said...

Well, I hope he does, what with all the great stuff we write about:-)

Ana said...

I am the one from HK ladies!!

Sine said...

LOL. Will check my HK stats now:-)

American in Ukraine said...

Well...consider one mystery solved. I found out recently that our next assignment might be in Joberg. So my wife and I began diligently searching the net to get the scoop. And....your blog is excellent. Expect more hits from Ukraine for the next month or two. Although perhaps less interesting; we are actually Americans who have done a couple of international assignments.

Sine said...

Haha, thanks for the heads-up! I'm looking forward to hearing more of you (and where else you've been!) and please let me know if you have any specific questions!