December 18, 2011

Do I Write or Do I Draw?

As you all know, my passion these days is writing, Hence this blog. Even though lately I've been a bit behind, running out of pre-scheduled posts (even though I have ideas and material for at least six months, I'm sure).

But one of my other interests is drawing and painting. In fact, Noisette claims I have more talent for that than writing, but seeing as he never reads my blog, I don't think he's qualified to say. I suspect it's just easier to look at a picture than actually reading a story!

The reason I have been behind on my writing is that I've taken out the charcoal and paper again. It's Christmastime, you see, and I'm in need of a present for Noisette, who like all husbands is hard to shop for, so I decided to make a drawing. We have this wall in our bedroom that needs some large pictures filling it, and I recently had the inspiration of making a trilogy from the zebra drawing I made some time ago:

The plan is to add a giraffe and an elephant, the giraffe looking straight ahead, and the elephant looking in from the right. Thankfully, I have plenty of material from all our safaris. In fact, this is one of the reasons I've picked up photography as another hobby, even though it is incredibly time consuming, because that way I always  have material for my drawings and paintings without infringing on anybody's copyright, just in case I ever wanted to sell any of my work.

I simply can't keep up with photography, writing, and painting, let alone all those pesky housewife duties that keep poking up their annoying heads. So please forgive  me if there are fewer stories forthcoming until Christmas. Or perhaps not, because I just can't help myself when it comes to this blog.

Anyway, since Noisette won't be reading this, I can safely share the progress I've made so far (fishing for your encouragement to get the elephant done as well, which - yikes - will need to be drawn and framed in just 6 days:-):


Miss Footloose | Life in the Expat Lane said...

I'm in awe of your drawing talent! What a great present for your husband. Do definitely keep drawing!

And here, from Moldova, come my wishes for you to have a very happy Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!

Sine said...

Thank you and the same to you, Miss Footloose!

Jozie Days said...

Great work! For framing try Ferreira:

Ferreira Art Gallery
(Tel) 011-706 3738
(fax) 011-706 5125
(Cell) Rui 083 252 0214

300 Main Road Bryanston

Just go straight down Main Rd and it is on the left about 1.5km before the Sandton Clinic.

Maria said...

So much talent in one little package! Your work is beautiful (both written and drawn.) Have a wonderful Christmas — looking forward to reading more of your adventures in the new year.

Sine said...

Jozie Days - will have to try that next time. I had to get this batch done fast and took them to the framing store behind Fourways Crossing, where that Irish pub is, just because I know they're fast.

Sine said...

Thanks Maria - you too! I cannot wait to do more writing when I've gotten through all this pre-Christmas craziness!

W. A. Jeffrey said...

I have always wanted to be good at drawing but I just don't have the knack. Lovely work!