November 16, 2011

Living as an Expat in South Africa

As most of you know, I created this blog to help out fellow expats who are as desperate for information about South Africa as I was before we first came here. So a lot of my stories inform about life in South Africa, what's different here from my previous life, and how it is different from what I expected. I've spent a lot of time debunking some myths and praising this country, to the extent that I sometimes feel like I might overdo it.

Which is why it's always nice to hear someone else's perspective. So I'm going to be very lazy today and just point you to the blog post of a fellow expat (and good friend), who summed up her one year of living in Joburg so masterfully I was wondering why I hadn't thought of writing it myself:-). Seriously, she put into words the sentiments all of us expats have had, from before we moved here throughout the first one or two years. I might not have been quite as scared upon arrival, as I am just not easily scared (I only removed the Violin Spider from above our bed on Noisette's insistence the other day, and learned later that it is the same as a Brown Recluse with a very venomous bite, so sometimes it helps to be scared of things), but still I've gone through the same metamorphosis from apprehension, at the very least, to comfort and love of this country.

Please click here for Living as an Expatriate in Johannesburg - One Year Later.

3 comments : said...

I loved Bing's post, and yours. Reading them just made me go back and read my own one-year-in-Jozi post from a few months ago. Here it is, if anyone is interested: Quite different from Bing's post but it's fun to compare experiences and impressions.

Sine said...

Thanks 2summers, yes it is fun to compare those reflections, and I liked yours as well when I read it. I regret not actually doing one after one year, but I just found one I did after 6 months along the same vein: Different yet again!

W. A. Jeffrey said...

I really enjoyed Bing's post. Something that came to me while reading that I can't imagine why I hadn't thought of it before was the importance (especially as a white person) is to smile and be as friendly as possible to strangers. That little touch of goodwill towards all is one small thing we can do to help sooth the racial tensions and counteract the stereotypes.