August 4, 2011

I've Got Gas!

No no no, not what YOU are thinking. I'm talking about HEATING gas. I finally found some and thought I'd share with you where you can get it here in Joburg. Both 48 kg and 9 kg bottles, delivered right to your house. I almost fell over from joy after starting our fireplace for the first time in months.
The Gas Company
25 Jacaranda Street
Hennopspark ext 7
South Africa
+27 12 653-3295 
I can highly recommend them, very reliable service and none of those empty promises I got from a half a dozen other places I'd called.

What this means, of course, according to Murphy's Law, is that winter in Joburg is almost over.


nikkimoffitt said...

I find it so bizarre that they don't have gas lines here into the house - I suppose there are feasible explanations about why not, but coming from gas kitchens and hot water all my life - I really really miss them. (ps we don't really need heaters so much her in Durbs - although we did have a nasty cold patch a week or so ago)

cat said...

Nah, one of the coldest weeks in every winter is usually in September when all the kids have their matric dances.

Sine said...

Agree on the gas lines - it would make things so much easier!

cat - now you've dashed all my hopes. I will just ignore that last comment. after all I'm told that this winter was not like "normal" so maybe the September cold spell will also not be as normal.

W. A. Jeffrey said...

A few neighborhoods in Johannesburg and Pretoria have natural gas lines but apparently it is awfully rare. I am not sure what makes them a good or bad choice for an area. Historically, in the US the first lines came about because the gas was found in the area (hence "natural"). Maybe there isn't any in SA and therefore would have to be piped in which is getting more common in some parts of the world? I tend to prefer gas ranges myself but if gas is such a hard thing to come by every winter perhaps I should be more open towards electric as I intend to have a standby generator installed anyway to combat load shedding.

Sine said...

From what I've heard, the homes in Joburg with gas lines are older. Apparently they no longer get built that way. It's a pity. But normally, propane gas is easy to come by, you just have to get onto it early before winter. Electricity costs are pretty high in SA, hence the scramble for gas each winter. And I imagine with Eskom's troubles electricity will continue to become more expensive. If I were you, I'd make sure to get a house with a solar geyser, and also roof panels for the pool (if you'll have one). You can install a solar geyser later on too. It makes sense in a place with so much sun. Even if you don't see a need to care about the environment:-)

W. A. Jeffrey said...

Great advice. I think that is the way to go. I do care about the environment but not in the goofy carbon footprint way that is so common these days. I am all for clean air and clean water and if there is a new technology that is more efficient and can compete in the market without subsidy then I am all for it. I also think soil conservation is important too. What troubles me is that the issue has gotten so heavily politicized and I am convinced that there is a minority that is using it as a cover for controlling people's lives in a way they have always wanted to.