August 8, 2011

Is There a Subway in South Africa?

One of the first questions Zax asked when we knew we were moving to South Africa was if there was a Subway there. And no, he didn't mean for transportation. He meant the kind where you can eat - in his opinion, the world's best - subs. I'm kind of partial to Jersey Mike's (couldn't get enough of the #13 when I was pregnant), but that's just me. Everyone else in my family insists that I'm insane.

In any case, I wasn't expecting either of them here, so imagine my surprise when we discovered a Subway at O.R. Tambo International. And another one at the airport in Cape Town. In fact, according to the company website, there are 16 Subways in South Africa. Which is actually quite a feat on Subway's part, if you consider that the only other American fast food franchises you will find here are McDonald's and KFC. Add Wimpy and Nando Chicken, and that's your entire South African fast food scene right there. By the way, you might occasionally have to stretch the meaning of "fast."

Maybe they should call it "Now-now food" instead.

Zax and Noisette browsing the Subway offer at O.R. Tambo


Heather said...

I recently stumbled upon a Subway in Hatfield, at the end of the Gautrain line in Pretoria. I also passed the one in the CT airport. It's weird to see Subway here. It seems...wrong.

Do you know where else has TONS of Subways? Paris! They are practically on every corner there. Which is even weirder -- I cannot imagine eating at a Subway in Paris when there is so much delicious, handmade food at your fingertips. But people do.

cat said...

Oh you forgot Steers - arguably the best burgers ever. Me - I hate MacD. Plastic food in my opinion.

Jaco Roets said...

There is also a forgotton Subway in the Village Walk Shopping Center (accross from the Stock Exchange) in Sandton. Village Walk is apparently going to be demolished soon (redeveloped), so I am not too sure how much longer it will be there!

Sine said...

Thanks for the tips, I'll have to try the Hatfield or Village Walk one - maybe a good ploy to get Zax off the xBox for a spell while school is out.

And yes, I can also imagine a million other places to stop for food in Paris rather than eating a sub. Just the thought of one of their croissants has my mouth watering. Or a plain fresh baguette with some cheese...

Arun P. Iyer said...

Hi there all, we have just started a Subway store at the Fourways Mall in the Sandton area (William Nicole & Fourways) and it is resonating quite well with the people of Jo'Burg!

We are also the development agents for Subway in Gauteng so please feel free to make franchise inquiries as well.

Shop No. L015
William Nicol Drive & Fourways
Sandton GA 2055

Tel: 011 465 1992

Sine said...

Hi Arun - yes, I know! Have been quite the regular customer there:-). This post is a bit older, but I've promoted your store on my Facebook page here: We all waited and waited for it to open!

Subway Cresta said...

Hi All,

We've also opened a Subway store in the Cresta Shopping Center, in between Nando's and Game.

We've been running for a year now, I'd love to hear your comments / experince if you've tried us?

Many thanks

W. A. Jeffrey said...

I don't mind having to wait for food, but what I sometimes worry about is the quality. I have been looking forward to having breakfast at Wimpy some day after having browsed their menu online. I can't seem to make out from the reviews I have read whether there is any consistency. I found a lot of stories about how awful certain locations (OR Tambo) are but no comments about good ones.

As to Subway, they are okay but I don't usually eat subs anymore. I have to say that the best subs I have ever had were at Classic Sub in the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, KS. I doubt they are in business anymore as it has been a LONG time since I went there but boy oh boy were they good.

Maybe the McDonald's in SA aren't any good, can't say as I haven't been there but I think that McD's has the best fast food breakfast in the USA. I haven't found anything even close. The worst? Probably Burger King or Hardee's; both are so noxious in their own way.