August 3, 2011

In South Africa we Live in Heaven

Thanks to my friend Jacky for the good laugh I had today:

In South Africa we live in HEAVEN.....
we HEAVEN got petrol
we HEAVEN got wek
we HEAVEN got a cure for eds
we HEAVEN got lektriek and
we HEAVEN got beta fewcha

Note: The picture shown here previously was removed as it was offensive to a reader.

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A human kind of human said...

Hi Sine, thanks for the visit to my blog. From this post I can see that you have a good handle on the Safrican character already - lol. Interesting thing is that I am in Joburg and Pretoria today to see my daughter off who is becoming a South African expat in Switzerland. I will be back soon to visit your blog again.

cat said...


Black SA said...

I don't want to be a killjoy but this joke has undercurrents of racism. As an expat you might not be aware but during apartheid it was very fashionable to refer to us black South Africans as monkeys and baboons. From the spelling it is also apparent that it is making a mockery of blacks who do not have a polished English accent. It is definitely your right to post what you feel is humor but it is deeply offensive to me as a reader of your blog.


Sine said...

Black SA - Thanks for letting me know. I'm sorry to have offended you. And now that you've pointed me to it, I get the monkey connection. Believe me, it didn't occur to me at all that the picture was somehow connected to the text. As for the text, I'm sorry, but I still find it funny. Ironic that I've now managed to write a controversial post when I was looking for one for my previous post.

Sine said...

A human kind of human - I'm actually going to link to your blog in one of my upcoming posts about Desperate First Ladies, or rather Buckled, but one has to do with the other in the post, as you will see. Stay tuned!