August 5, 2011

The Children of Diepsloot

Inspired by this wonderful story by 2summers about her recent visit of Diepsloot - a township/squatter camp not far from where we live - I recalled my own visit there about a month ago.

Our school, Dainfern College, has sort of adopted a partner school in Diepsloot called Reshomile Primary. There are numerous projects to help this school, from the collection of warm blankets in winter to providing weekly meals and sponsoring a Braai Day. Most recently, a months-long effort of a number of dedicated parents collecting and sorting books and building shelves culminated in the dedication of Reshomile's new library. I was fortunate to be invited along (though I hadn't catalogued a single book!) to take some pictures for the school website.

What a beautiful day it was. The students from both schools assembled in the (very frigid!) courtyard to hear speeches and listen to the choir, and at the end the new library was dedicated and opened. There isn't much else to say, so I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

A good view of Diepsloot

Not my best shot of the Reshomile kids but I love how fidgety they look here

I couldn't get enough of this girl's hair

There were many speakers that day but I loved this one best

If you look closely you can see the tear under his right eye

I couldn't help snapping away at these beautiful children

Dainfern choir performing

Opening of the new Reshomile library

Singing of Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika

 A wealth of new books

Children having fun reading - that's what this was all about!

7 comments : said...

Thanks so much for the mention and I'm glad that my post inspired this post. Your pictures are great! Love that hairstyle and the picture of the ribbon-cutting.

Sine said...

Thanks 2summers. I love the ribbon cutting picture best as well, inspired of course by Bing's photography, she has such a good way with close-ups.

cat said...

Shedding a few tears...mostly for those shoes without socks in the cold.

Sine said...

Right behind the ribbon cutting, that was my other favorite picture...

Miss Footloose | Life in the Expat Lane said...

What a great post, and I love your photos! I hope to find a good project here in Moldova.

In our own world books (and education) are so taken for granted. Kids have them by the ton. Seeing the happiness of these kids in S. Africa is wonderful.

BlkSA said...

Wonderful post and so heartwarming to see kids who have everything giving something to the less fortunate.

W. A. Jeffrey said...

Wonderful post! I love it when people help others. This type of thing is bright side of humanity.