June 21, 2011

Michelle Obama in South Africa

Sorry, I didn't have a picture of Michelle
I'm wishing our First Lady and her daughters a great stay in South Africa this week. From what I've read, she'll be visiting a lot of the places I've written about, like the Apartheid Museum, the Hector Pieterson Memorial, and Cape Town (where I hope she also gets to see Robben Island). She'll also be visiting a daycare center, and I wish it'd be New Jerusalem Children's Home.

I got a kick out of  "...scheduled to meet one of South African President Jacob Zuma's wives." That's got to be plain weird. I wonder how that particular one was picked, out of... let's see... twenty?

We're hoping Michelle and the girls have a wonderful trip in this country we've come to love.

See full article on Expatica.


Jozie Days said...


Lovely photo of the Obamas arriving in SA

Jozie Days said...

And I just picked this up from Twitter #youngafrica


It has her full itinerary.

and updates on FB