May 3, 2011

Do They Go to the Movies in South Africa?

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It always amused me, back in the days when I was an exchange student in the Deep South of America, when my friends would ask me things like "Do they have electricity in Germany?" and "Do you have movie theaters like we do?" No kidding, I got these questions daily. (I also got caned with a paddle for being tardy to homeroom three times, which just goes to show you how deep in the Deep South I was.)

So I'm very happy to assure you that not only do they have movie theaters in South Africa, we are so civilized here that we even sometimes get to see a new movie before it is released in the United States. Imagine that!

This was the case for the movie Thor, which I believe doesn't open in the U.S. until May 6th. I had the privilege of attending a pre-release screening for it in Johannesburg about two weeks ago, in exchange for writing a review.

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Stephanie said...

Good for you! I like how inexpensive it is to go to the movies here if you have Discovery Health for your medical aid. I think we end up paying R20.

Sine said...

I'm glad you point that out. I always marvel how cheap it is to go to the movies with the whole family, not just the tickets but especially all the food where they totally rip you off in the US. Too bad we don't have Discovery, it also gives you great discounts for the gym.

W. A. Jeffrey said...

The American movie theater industry has really become a racket. And, strangely enough, it has gotten worse now that they have so much competition.

I thought you came to the USA as a college student rather than high school. So I guess you have spent more of your life outside of Germany than in?

It's not just between countries that kids can be misinformed. My mom grew up in Iowa and when her cousins came to visit from Pennsylvania they wanted to know if mom's family had ever been attacked by Indians.

Sine said...

LOL! I think it's a very American teenager trait to ask somewhat "naive" for not wanting to use another word, questions.

Just one year in high school in US, then back in Germany, then back for grad school after college in Germany. So my first taste was as a 16 year old in Mississippi:-)