March 9, 2011

Stone Art from Zimbabwe

This is another ode to South African street vendors (see previous post about the iPhone skin). Remember my story some time back of  the dresser with wicker baskets that I ordered from a street vendor? And the metal birds? That entire market, on a street corner in Bryanston where Main splits from William Nicol, is run by industrious Zimbabweans, who I've found extremely trustworthy and easy to work with, and they offer fabulous prices.

They also sell beautiful stone statues, one of which Noisette gave me for Christmas. Or rather, given that this is Noisette who thinks of Christmas present exactly two days before Christmas, he didn't quite give me a statue but a certificate for one. We went and looked at what they had, and both liked the figure of three women, sort of abstract. But we liked another kind of stone better, and a statue where some of it would remain rough, not polished, and before we knew it we had placed an order for the statue how we pictured it.

Once again, money (this time a little more, R2000 to be precise) was exchanged as a deposit, and we drove home, wondering if and how it would work out. It did, although it took a bit of time. One statue was made, but not to our liking, so we asked for another try (and handed over a bit more money to buy new stone). It took some time (you might have noticed we are now way past Christmas!) but the wait was worth it and we are happy with the result.

Although I'm not altogether happy with the location, might have to get "the guys" to move it again.

Here is a picture of our statue at the street market:

We also bought these metal birds from the same place:


Bing said...

I love it! It's a beautiful piece!

And I know which shop it is.. it's along William Nicol on the way to Montecasino right? They have a giraffe that I want. But I wouldn't have a place to put it, of course coz it's 2 stories high. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Love the Birds! Have enjoyed reading your blog! We also used to live in KC. We lived in Brookside. We have also lived all over in the US and abroad, so reading your stories reminds me of our joys and frustrations:)

Sine said...

Yes, the giraffe is tempting, isn't it? I've eyed it too. Anonymous - do you live in South Africa now?

Anonymous said...

No, KC, then Italy, then Dubai, now Florida, but who knows what the future holds:) I always look into the places that my husband travels often because I never know what's next. Your writing is very entertaining!

Miss Footloose | Life in the Expat Lane said...

That stone statue of the faces/figures is stunning! I remember well seeing the beautiful stone carvings when I was in Zimbabwe 10 years ago or so, just visiting. We were living in Ghana at the time and I could not think how to get one of them on a plane back there. I REALLY wanted a nice big one, but as you said, they are very heavy.

Many of the carvers are true artists, and the stone they work with is so beautiful.

I hope you find a good place to display your statue. It needs a good spot!

Sine said...

Ah, so we might still have you in South Africa soon!
Miss Footloose - you are such an Africa expert and I enjoy your writing!