February 3, 2011

Safari as Food

I recently came across this picture in a Johannesburg supermarket (thanks Bing!):

So I thought I should match each of those pate cans with pictures I took of the actual animals you'll be eating:



 You'll have to imagine the chicken.


Bing said...

wahahaha! you forgot the zebra and the wildebeest! :-p

Sine said...

Aaaah, but the zebra and wildebeest pate wasn't in my picture, only in yours!

W. A. Jeffrey said...

I've never had pate of any kind so maybe I am weird by not finding the connection between photo and product unpalatable. Or maybe I didn't get the joke.

Nancy Clark said...

Instead of imposing your privileged position on these animals you should be going out of your way to create a safe space for these animals to eat whatever amount of food these animals want.
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