August 10, 2010

Will my Kindle Work in South Africa?

Yes, your Kindle will work in South Africa. And trust me, you’ll want to have one, if only to pass the time when standing in line to get your new cell phone! With books being fairly expensive in South Africa, you'll be saving money as well. Personally, I also enjoy having the New York Times at my fingertips every day. 

All you’ll have to do is go to the Manage Your Kindle page  and scroll down to the "Your country" section where you select "Edit" and choose “South Africa.” You'll then be able to choose an existing home address from your account or enter a new one. 

Your periodicals will be delivered to you wherever you are, at no additional charge. So even when I travel back to the U.S., I will still get my New York Times. I’m not sure what will happen if we go to, say, Uganda, but there is a Using Kindle If You Live Outside the United States Help page that has tons more information on this topic.

Only once or twice did I have trouble syncing. In that case, restarting the kindle usually helped (from home page, press “Menu,” then select “Settings”, then press “Menu” again, choose “Restart.”)

One awesome feature I’ve only recently discovered is the Kindle for PC (or iPhone, or iPad, etc.) option. Whenever you can’t sync but have an internet connection (or, like in my case, your 11-year old is hogging the Kindle to read “Artemis Fowl”), you can read any of your books on your computer. In itself, that’s not so great, but the nifty thing is that it will sync back and forth between your Kindle and computer (and any other device you might be using) so that you can always go to the furthest page read.

So, tuck your Kindle under your arm and head towards the closest Joburg coffee shop for a leisurely morning!


Debi.Winkler said...

Hi There.
I live in the UK and I'd like to buy a Kindle for my mom in SA. Their wireless is not great so will probably opt for the 3G version.
Do you know if you need any mobile contracts in order to use the 3G. Will it work in SA?
Please help.

Stacie Huudson said...
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Stacie Huudson said...

Hello there,yes,the Kindle can be utilized outside of the US.You won't have the capacity to utilize the Wireless feature however.In the event that you need to purchase Kindle books you will require a second amazon account separate from the one your non-US credit card is registered.You can purchase gift cards from your principle account and apply them to your Kindle account to purchase Kindle books if needed.
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