June 20, 2010

Finally - a New Trash Can!

Just a quick update on my trash odyssey: It took almost a week of waiting for our landlord to divulge our account number with the City of Johannesburg, but he did, and I faxed that to the Piki Tup people, and lo and behold, a few days afterwards, a new trash can sort of just appeared in my driveway. Or rather, not really a new one, but a very old and smelly one. But I was delighted all the same.

But, alas, the story is not finished yet. The ultimate irony: Ever since we got our “new” trash can, our – and everyone else’s – trash hasn’t been picked up, because the municipal workers were on strike. We’ve already missed two pickups, and the pile is mounting…

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sine, bin gerade dabei, deinen Blog weiter zu lesen, du hast mal wieder soooo toll geschrieben. Als Leser ist die Geschichte mit dem Mülleimer ja echt lustig, aber wahrscheinlich für dich tooootal nervig. Ich hoffe, der Müllmänner-Streik ist nun vorbei. Lieber Gruß Heidi